VETech B Virtual

‘VETech B Virtual’ – Hologram generator device 


VETech B virtual is a portable device for producing outdoor and indoor virtual images, generating the same vital information that physical products offer but without using a substantial amount of physical materials. This device is a creative solution to over usage of natural resources.

VETech B virtual innovative functionality demonstrates a potential to benefit the overall development of the economy by saving millions/billions of dollars on operational cost while preserving natural resources and reducing the water, air and soil contamination resulting from mining natural resources.

To ensure reduction/elimination of our precious resources in abusive industrial environments and deliver supreme performance, durability, and reliability, we made this product as tough as they come.

Product Specification and Pricing

  • Problems

    • The high cost of materials used in current road signage such as plastic and steel
    • Safety issues, such as when the large and heavy signs collapsed on the road
    • The processing time of producing these materials
    • Cost and time of design the signs
    • Scarcity of materials
  • Solution

    • Adapting virtual technology to reduce the usage of materials used in current road signs such as steel and plastic by 80%.
    • The method implemented by using a virtual device that can produce virtual/digital images using a laser beam/ electrical Puls.
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