VTech B Virtual

‘VTech B Virtual’ – Hologram generator device 

VTech B virtual is a portable device that can generate virtual images of a physical model used for advertising bullets or road signs without using extensive amount of natural resources. VTech B virtual provides the same vital information that physical products offer and is a creative solution to overcome the over usage of natural resources.

Using this device can preserve our resources in the areas that using physical materials are not essential, so they can be used for other areas of our life such as bio-medical advances, robotic communication system, etc. that require implementation of physical materials.

VTech B virtual innovative functionality demonstrates a potential to benefit the overall development of the economy by saving millions/billions of dollars on operational cost while preserving natural resources and reducing the water, air and soil contamination resulting from mining natural resources.

Product Specification and Pricing

  • Problems

    • The high cost of materials used in current road signage such as plastic, glass, steel, etc
    • Safety issues regarding large and heavy signs collapsing on the roads
    • Depleting natural resources
    • High cost of operation and design time
    • Scarcity of materials
  • Solution

    Switch to virtualisation by adapting our virtual generator device ‘Vtech B Virtual’  to minimise the use of natural resources and reduce operational cost.

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