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VET mission is to enhance the virtualization solution for the entire clients need. We integrate the capabilities of the business and deliver a full immersive solution that matters in virtual technology. Our team does the best they can to provide the need of the client and be more competitive in the industry

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Virtual Engineering Tech, VET is a company of fully discipline professional engineers who aim to provide the best visualization technology. Our goal is to deliver an efficient and elegant engineering solution to commercial, industrial, as well as municipal sectors. Our professionals reconstruct the ideas to give the client a realistic 3D sound environment. Virtual Engineering Tech gives more emphasis on the services that center to the front-end as well as the back-end architecture. Our solution allows the clients to attain flexible operation, content customization, and analytics gathering.

VET provides expertise in the virtualization solution in creation, definition, analysis, data generation, data management, project development, engineering operation and much more. We provide services that meet the standard of visualization technology. With the team of multi-disciplinary engineers who has knowledge in computer science and technology, we innovate to meet the quality of services.
VET has the knowledge and uses the state of the art innovation to provide a one of a kind virtual technology. With the products and services, we have in virtual solution, we aim to lessen the use of physical tools and provide the best security and accountability of the client’s businesses.
Our virtual products support your system with the efficiency and best security at a low cost. From the data generation to data management, VET solution can support the need of the clients to the utmost effort.
VET caters the talent of the founders of the company. As a startup in the business industry, only success is what we work at. Our mission is to expand our networks in the industry and provide more services and virtual solution in the world.
Virtual Engineering Tech founder and CEO, Mehrnoosh Johnstone offers the board knowledge to have success in engineering, marketing, and designing. With these talents, the company aims to open an opportunity for many people with talent in visualization. Her experience in the field of economics, designing as well as engineering enables the company to provide the best support in visualization technology.
Our products and services meet the quality as well as the effectivity. It proved effective and not expensive. Virtual Engineering Tech is located at New South Head Rd, Rushcutters Bay, NSW 2011.

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