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Community Tales

Community tales are a set of stories written by members of community and covers a wide range of areas, from poetry to protecting the environment to preventing the spread of COVID-19, to addressing the healing of nature to deal with viral and infectious diseases to uniting neighborhoods together for change, and refining the public’s health. These stories represent the amazing efforts that are being undertaken in the every corner of the earth to expand communities and make a better world.


Story by: Belqase Masnadjam, Tehran, Iran

Translated by: Kourosh Jafari, Tehran, Iran

This story is about Baba Taher who was a Persian Sufi poet. He moved from Malaier to Hamedan in his early youth, aiming to hit to mountain where he could be all alone.

Once on his way to the mountain in a winter night he saw a caravansary filled with young theologians reciting their holy book. He was watching them with admiration. Filled with joy and excitement he asked them ” what made them able to read? “

To make fun of this illiterate village boy they said that they broke the ice of the nearby pool and stayed in icy water till morning, and that made them able to read.

He thought to himself, why shouldn’t I do the same? So, he broke the ice of the pool and entered the icy water.  He stayed till morning. The next day when he opened his eyes, he found himself in the pool. He stepped out of the water and looked at a parchment by the pool. He looked at the words and started to read it loudly at once.


Story by: Belqase Masnadjam, Tehran, Iran

Translated by: Kourosh Jafari, Tehran, Iran

The story starts after the couple met each other in the market. There was an immediate spark between them, and they fell in love with each other. The tale below is one of the many tales referred to Majnoon on his search for Lily.

Majnoon heard Lily’s father forced an arranged marriage with the son of the chief of the tribe. Feeling pain and agony for losing his beloved Lily, he followed the convoy. Unaware of his condition he passed by a hermit worshiping God. Being interrupted, the pious man started yelling at Majnoon and blamed him for disconnection between him and God.

Screaming in rage, he stormed out at him, can’t you see I was worshiping God? I’ve been praying here for 30 years and you disrupted my prayer. Majnoon who just found himself where he was; answered the man, because of my deep love for Lily I didn’t see you praying here, how did you notice me when you are worshiping the Lord, the mighty God?

 Astonished by his answer, the worshipper fell on his knees wondering how deep was his love and affection for God. Indeed, there was so much to learn.

Love without barrier

Story by: Belqase Masnadjam, Tehran, Iran

Translated by: Kourosh Jafari, Tehran, Iran

The story of Yousef the prophet, known to have the wildest beauty that no woman could resist him. He was taken as a slave and was on his way to be sold in the marketplace. The rich and wealthy men and women from upper class were rushing to the market to own this noble slave.

Among this wealthy crowd a decrepit woman leaning on a stick making her way towards the marketplace where Yousef was. She’s been stopped by the guards and was questioned, where are you heading to, they asked? She simply said I am going to purchase Yousef. The guards burst into laugh. How are you going to pay to buy him, said one of the guards?  She unwrapped the item in her hand and said, this is a spindle which I make a living with and I’m going to offer this (spindle) for Yousef.

Do you see this crowd, all these beautiful rich man and woman, one of the guards said? They all want him, what is your chance, he continued?  

I know my chance for having Yousef is slim, but I still try. This crowd may offer a small portion of their wealth to own him, but I offer all I have. I am not after the beauty of his face I am after the beauty of his heart.

Yusuf’s indescribable beauty caused him to be locked up in the prison, but when God granted him knowledge it caused him to rank in society. The virtue of knowledge against the physical beauty.

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