Methods and Preparation

Angbin vinegar


Grape vinegar one glass

Natural honey one and a half glasses

Mint extract one glass or a few sprigs of fresh mint

How to prepare: If you make this syrup using mint extract, first mix grape vinegar and mint extract in a bowl and put it on the heat. Then, wait for it to boil. When it cools down, add the honey.

If you are using fresh mint, you should wash and set aside the mint branches. In the same way, pour the vinegar into the bowl and add half a glass of water. Then put the mint branches in a bowl and put it on the heat and finally add the honey.

Use a glass of mixture of one third of Angbin vinegar + Two-thirds water. Please note after you prepared Angbin vinegar pour it in a glass jar and keep in refrigerated. You can keep this in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.


Half crush black seeds and pour it in a glass jar add the honey and mix, then add the vinegar to the mixture and mix well. Use it as directed.

Decoction of borage

Prepare the tea by mixing borage flowers and one glass of water and brewing it for about 10 minutes on indirect heat such as kettle steam. You can add crystal sugar to sweetness it. People with high blood pressure add a couple drops of lemon juice.


Half crush black seeds and pour it in a glass jar add the honey and mix well. Keep it in a cool place and use it as directed.

Mint tea

Mix 1 ts of loose dry mint in one glass of water and brew it for 10 minutes. Add a piece of crystal water for the taste.

Crushed garlic

Crush a few garlic cloves and cook on a slew temperature for 3 – 5 minutes. Keep it refrigerated and use it as directed.  

Fennel Angbin Vinegar

The same method as Angbin Vinegar but instead of Mint extract use Fennel extract.


Rushcutter Bay, NSW


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