Production of the Iranian traditional medicine to beat coronavirus

Recently, the Director General of the Office of Iranian Medicine of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohammad Reza Shams Ardakani, announced the trial of two traditional medicine drugs to help improve the condition of people with corona. This issue, if it goes through the research process well, can show the impact and authenticity of Iranian medicine in helping to cure diseases.

In this regard, Dr. Arman Zargaran, International Affairs Adviser of the Iranian Ministry of Health’s Office of Iranian Medicine, said in an interview with ISNA: currently, a few traditional treatment methods are under investigation.

Two drugs have been developed based on current studies showing their effectiveness. These drugs have been studied in more than 300 patients in a study in 7 university centers in Tehran and some other cities, and we are still compiling the results.

He explained that the initial results showed the effectiveness of these two drugs, but this effectiveness is not considered as a treatment and is used only in such a way that it can help improve patients with covid 19 and reduce their side effects. We hope to announce the results in the near future with the publication of the articles and the completion of statistical studies.

We’re emphasising that there has been no change in the traditional medicine for treating patients, he said: “The study looked at two groups, the first group of traditional medicine drugs, and the second group did not.” Comparing the two groups, we looked for differences in those who took the herbal medicine with those who did not receive the medication.

Regarding the composition of these two drugs, the traditional medicine pharmacist explained: “About 15 plants are involved in the manufacture of these drugs, plants such as licorice, pomegranate peel, etc. were used in these drugs.

Previous studies have shown their antiviral effects.” It has been shown that there has been evidence of clinical efficacy in diseases such as sars and mers. Extensive studies have been conducted to arrive at a formula that is likely to be effective in various components of the virus.

He added: “The drug has been developed in accordance with all scientific principles to be used in the appropriate dose without interfering with other patient’s medications.”

Zargaran said that the study was conducted on patients over the age of 12. “Of course, the drug is designed in such a way that we can be sure that it will not be a problem for those over 2 years old.”

It was asked if it was possible to think about mass production and export of the two drugs, he said: “This will be the next step. First, if the drug is approved and passed the clinical trial, if we can get our patients with If we treat it, it will be possible to export it.

“Traditional medicine should have the same standards as conventional medicine,” he said. Use approved books and then perform the necessary tests on them to approve it.

In the response to the question that if they used the experiences of traditional Chinese medicine experts to develop the two drugs, he said the medicines developed based on indigenous knowledge. But studies of SARS and MERS viruses have previously been used as scientific evidence for the selection of plants needed in our pharmaceutical formulations.

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