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Conditions and recommendations – The present lifestyle, and unhealthy eating habits that is consumption of acidic foods such as fast food, alcoholic drinks, pork products, sausages, fried food, pasta, pizza, industrial sauce, canned food, fizzy drink, ice cream, doughnuts, etc make the body more vulnerable to diseases such as the coronavirus. Below is a list of conditions and recommendations offered by ITM that may have a role to play in fighting coronavirus and many other diseases.


Method 1

– Infuse the mixture of 1.5 glasses of lavender extract, licorice extract and hyssop extract with 4 ts of powdered hollyhocks flower and 8 pieces of crystal sugar for 2 minutes, stir it occasionally. Pour into the flux before cooling. Drink one glass every half hour, 4 times. Then one glass every 3-4 hours. Maximum of 6 glasses a day.

– Using Steam Vaporiser with lavender oil and hollyhocks flower every 3 hours. For shorten of breath and sever cough every 2 hours.

– Cupping on the lungs 3 – 4 times every day for 7-14 days. In the case of shorten of breath and sever cough it’s better to don’t give any food to the patients but if they have appetite make the below mixture and give it to them:

Cook a mixture of one apple, one turnip, one carrot and one onion in 6 glasses of water. Add a few pieces of crystal sugar and leave the water to be evaporated to its half size. Then take the extract and give it to the patients.

Method 2

– Sumac powder (ground) with warm water 1 ts morning and 1 ts at night for 4 days.

– Cupping on the lungs 1 – 2 times every day for 7-14 days.


Method 1

The treatment of over 35 common types of cancer is made of these 4 ingredients:

Chicory juice, Lettuce juice, celery juice, and cucumber juice.

Take the juice of above ingredients raw and fresh and use it as follows:

At 6 am in the morning cucumber juice, at 12 pm noon chicory juice, at 6 pm in the afternoon lettuce juice and at 12 am nights celery juice, once every 24 hours.

Method 2

Producing gentle heat through eating bile production food, consuming honey syrup regularly or licking honey morning and night regularly, eating hot water and honey, and eating dates. These things warm the body and increase bile production and thus make the blood flow thinner and detoxified.

Blood flow distributed to different parts of the body, and the hotter the blood, the more chance body has to remove the wastage such as cancerous masses from the blood. For this reason, the prevalence of cancer is lower in societies where more bile production food is consumed. For example, in societies where dates are consumed in large quantities, the rate of cancer is lower.


– Consumption of the mixture contains of 1 ts of lavender flower powder with half of a glass of lukewarm water in the morning, at 6:30, am.

– Infuse Aftimon powder in the half glass of a lukewarm and drink it at sunset.


Angbin vinegar that is: two units of honey, two units of mint extract, one unit of vinegar; 2 – 3 times a day.

DucinV that is combination of black seed, honey, and vinegar: One unit of black seed, three units of honey, half a unit of vinegar, 1 ts in the morning, 1 ts at noon, and 1 ts at nigh.

– Three times Hijama, once a month.


Method 1

To begin with, decoction of borage is the fastest way. A stronger treatment, if nervous stress has caused the heart to beat, decoction of lavender and borage can be effective.

Method 2

– Drinking honey apple juice

– Consumption of quince fruit or quince juice or quince jam with honey

– Combining black seed oil with honey in equal proportions – a tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach

– Regular exercise


Method 1

Thyme: Brew ten grams of thyme in four glasses of boiling water for 5 – 10 minutes and drink three cups a day. Note that excessive consumption of thyme may cause gastrointestinal disorders

Method 2

Chamomile: Infuse ten to twenty grams of chamomile flowers in four glasses of boiling water for ten to twenty minutes and drink a cup after a meal to relieve bloating and help digestion. Prolonged use of this brew or its concentrated solutions is harmful.


  1. If it’s only in the head rub the mint extract to forehead.
  2. If it’s with fever and sore throat, take one ts of Ducin (mixture of 2 unit of black seeds and 5 units honey) every 8 hours.
  3. If it’s with cough, Brew one ts of sumac powder with crystal sugar. For strong cough, deep the thin slices of onions in the honey and eat slowly.
  4. If it’s with running nose:

– Rub sesame seeds oil on the middle of the head.

– Cupping on shoulders and lung on the back 7-14 times once a day.

Wheat/barley soup, 3-5 times a week.


It is a sinusoidal effect, rub the mixture of the sweet almond oil and mint essential oil to the middle of the head.


Combine 2 units of honey and 5 units of sweet almond oil, consume 2 ts once every 12 hours.


Sumac powder (ground) and water; stir in 1 ts Sumac powder in one glass of water and drink it twice a day, for 4 days.


  1. If it happens at cold weather, it’s related to lungs.

Rub sesame seeds oil on shoulders and lungs then cupping on the lungs, drink loose mint tea with honey, consume barley soup with mint.

  1. if it’s related to stomach

Consume a mixture of sweet almond oil with honey (5 units oil and 2 units honey) half an hour after meals.

  1. if it’s related to heart

Hijama between shoulders from the back.


Boil a spoonful of plantago major in a glass of mint extract and drink it every night for 40 nights.


Crushed garlic mixed with lemon juice. One spoon every 8 hours.


– Rubbing bitter almond oil on the back then do cupping where the pain exist every day for 7 – 14 times.

– Lying on your back, cycle 14 to 40 times a day.

– Applying a dressing of flour and egg whites on the area of pain.


– Infuse 1 ts of fennel seeds in a glass of water for 5 minutes and mix it with 1 ts of honey and consume it for 40 – 120 nights.

– Hijama between shoulders.


Fennel Angbin Vinegar that is; 2 units of fennel seeds extract, 2 units of honey and 1 unit of apple cider vinegar, one third of a glass of this syrup mix with two third water. Drink it every night before sleep, 40 – 120 nights.


Angbin vinegar, general Hijama (Hijama between shoulders) 2 times, or topical Hijama (Hijama on the area) 1 time.


Docin (mixture of 2 units black seeds and 5 units honey), 1 ts every 8 hours to be consumed.

DIABETES- Conditions and recommendation

There are two types of diabetes:

  1. Cold diabetes

If diabetes is cold, it can be caused by stress. This is more common in women, and obese, and white people are more likely to be affected. The patient’s skin is white, the arteries are hidden, the hair is not scattered, and the pulse is slow.

The treatment for this type of diabetes is:

Eating honey on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening, a mixture of angbin vinegar, nettle, Ginger and fenugreek.

  1. Hot diabetes

A person who has warm (but not hot) bile in his or her blood is called hot diabetes, which usually occurs in men. In this type of diabetes, insulin is given, and the amount must be in harmony with the blood.

If there is too much insulin, the ducts open too much, and the blood sugar drops. When the blood sugar drops, the patient becomes lethargic, restless, and anxious.

Treatment for this type of diabetes:

– Vinegar and cupping (eat vinegar or Angbin vinegar for 14 days and then cupping.

– Consuming 2 ts morning and night of Beh-cin that is: quince cooked in vinegar and mashed.

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