Cholera was stronger than Corona and We Treated it - Professor Khairandish!

Hakim Khairandish – The greatest Iranian Traditional Medicine scholar

Professor Khairandish is known as the ‘Father of Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM), with over 30 years’ experience and more than 100,000 successful cases. He entitled the name of Hakim in traditional medicine from the Ministry of Health and Medical Sciences – 2013.

He started his activity in 1986 which he established the Iranian Cupping Research Institute with the help of a group of physicians. Hakim Kheirandish spoke at many conferences on traditional medicine. He is one of the greatest scholars of traditional science and medicine, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why he was named the father of traditional Iranian medicine.

He treated the diseases that medical science has been unable to treat with analysis and unique ways of treating them. His current success in treating the coronavirus patients saved countless lives. He trained many students in traditional medicine who are currently developing this medicine.


He highlights the reasons for the rapid growth of coronavirus pandemic globally as:


– Distance from nature

– Unhealthy eating habits

– The lack of adequate sun exposure

– Replacing medical drugs with the natural herbs and plants

– Weakness in the lungs that leads to weakness of the heart


He believes those whose homes are not sunny have disadvantage of getting sun exposure. A simple method to deal with issue is to use mint incense. Those with severe respiratory distress should apply peppermint essential oil to their noses with some olive and violet oil. Those with corona apply cupping on the shoulders and lungs behind the chess on the back can help them once a day for 15 minutes.

People who have entered the fever stage should also consume honey and black seed (Nigella) to control their fever. People who want to prevent COVID 19, can eat apples or apple juice before breakfast in the morning. 

Using a few grains of salt before and after a meal that absorbs saliva and covers the mouth can kill the viruses. I recommend that everyone bring a small saltshaker. This does not increase blood pressure. Chewing 7 to 21 grains of black seeds a day or taking a ginger pill is effective for healing.


Director of the Islamic Republic Party – from 1980 to 1983 

Director of Education of the Islamic Republic Party of Tehran Province – 1983 to 1985

Deputy Minister of Islamic Associations in the field of prime ministership – 1985 to 1987

Deputy Secretary General of the International Islamic Organization for the Défense of Children’s Rights – 1987 to 1992

President of the Russian-Armenian International University of Mokhitargoosh – 1392 to date

Chairman of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine of Armenia

Member of the Board of Directors of Traditional Medicine Research Institute of holistic medicine

Teacher of Analytical Training Courses and Political Concepts, Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran Party

Instructor of introductory course in traditional medicine at the Iranian Cupping Research Institute – 1981 to date

Lecturer of Advanced Courses in Traditional Medicine at the Iranian Cupping Research Institute – 1981 to present

Lecturer of Islamic Traditional Medicine at the University of Tehran – 2004 to 2008

Senior Advisor to Traditional Medicine, University of Armenia

Member of the staff of the Iranian traditional veterinary education system


Topics in Political Science:

Politics and religion The need for political information

The role of growth in leadership style

Features of the Awareness System

With humanities topics:

Management pathology from the perspective of Islam

The role of prayer in the quality of manager management

Beyond life

With traditional medicine topics:

Hijama from the perspective of Islam

Hijama from the point of view of sages

Hijama Therapy Book

Hijama and Acupuncture Book

Book of all kinds of temperaments

The book Temperament and Physiopathology of Traditional Medicine

Leech Book Treats Diseases Ginger book

The book of basic medicines in traditional Iranian medicine

Seventh Necessity Article – The Role of Spirituality in the Treatment and Prevention of Diseases

Article Fifth Pillar – A Plan to Understand Spirituality in the Inhuman Sphere

The book of the five purifications – the design of the concepts of physical and mental health from the perspective of Islam

Honey Book

Textbook and translation of hadiths about cupping • Farsi Book Correction

The healing prescription of Hakim Khairandish!

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