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Did you know that providing an innovative startup with a $6,000 budget could lock in a $10,000 tax offset for you? Investors in Early-Stage Innovation Companies (ESIC) will be able to claim a tax offset of up to $200,000 a year as well as capital gains tax exemptions as part of a wide-ranging innovation agenda.

For most of us, it means that for every dollar you invest in an ESIC company you get back 20% by way of an offset against your tax, up to $10,000 in each year. This means that you can invest up to $50,000 in a qualifying start-up and get a $10,000 refund in your taxes. For sophisticated investors is $200,000 tax offset.


Target                                         A$1M

Minimum                                   A$10,000

Investment Raised                     N/A

Previous Rounds                       N/A

Stage                                          Pre-Startup/R&D

Investor Role                             Daily Involvement

  • ESIC Investment Problems | Virtual Engineering Tech


    • We are An ESIC ( Early-Stage Innovative Company)
    • Positive feedback from our potential prospects
    • Excellent experienced engineering and design team
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ESIC Investment Opportunity

The Business

Australian Early-Stage Innovative Company (ESIC), Virtual Engineering Tech (VET), with breakthrough technologies, that haven’t yet made the headlines. We think could become the next Xero… or Aconex… or even Microsoft. VET creates structured digital/hologram products designed to preserve natural resources and save on operational cost.

VET innovative products demonstrate a potential to benefit the overall development of the economy by saving millions/billions of dollars on operational cost while preserving natural resources and reducing the water, air and soil contamination resulted from mining natural resources. Our core philosophy is serving people by providing the best solution possible and we need your support to achieve that.

ESIC | Holo Project | Virtual Engineering Tech
  • Problems

    • High cost of materials used in current road signage such as plastic and steel
    • Safety issues, such as when the large and heavy signs collapsed on the road
    • The processing time of producing these materials
    • Cost and time of design the signs
    • Scarcity of materials
  • ESIC Investment Problems | Virtual Engineering Tech


    • Adapting virtual technology to reduce the usage of materials used in current road signs such as steel and plastic by 80%.
    • The method implemented by using a virtual device that can produce virtual/digital images using a laser beam/ electrical Pulse

The Market

As per an estimate digital and hologram signage will reach up to be $32.84 Billion in the year 2023. Hence, it’s a huge opportunity for us to dominate this $32 Billion market and produce our products that have harmony with nature since it’s based on hologram and digitalization instead of using natural resources.

Response to our landing page shows the concern of the majority of people on depleting natural resources, air, soil and water pollution due to mining and factory operation and let’s don’t forget the high cost of operation involving physical materials.


Over the last 18 months, VETech, has been researching and developing Holographic and digital technology to help in minimizing or replacing the natural resources currently used for physical products. VET is an Engineering startup, with expertise in producing Holographic technology.

Our new technology design has been researched and developed extensively and currently, we’re looking to move into the next phase of producing our prototype and MVP in order to manufacture our product for sale to the RMS and related industry.


We plan to expand the business through the development and manufacture of our product over the next one to three years.

Over this period, we intend to obtain patents and regulatory approvals for our product, undertake validation and products trials and commence manufacturing our product for commercial sale and licensing.

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