EnergySim –

 The Energy Simulator Device

EnergySim is an energy enhancing device that tends to boost your body to regenerate and recover the energy by itself. It provides a natural and empowering solution that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized throughout the day.

It gets connected to your figure tip through a wired device to read your current frequency vibration. It sent energy pulses through the nervous system at different frequency level to achieve the desired frequency.

The generated frequency through the device taps into the energy field working directly with the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of us. It addresses the energy blockage and imbalance energy channels caused by a disorder in the energy flow. When the energy fields and energy flow vibrant, the body remains healthy and poised. EnergySim device stimulates the flow of energy by connecting the device to the energy field, targeting the major meridians to restore balance.

The Science of Energy Therapy

Energy therapy, which simulates the vibration, is used to reset your circadian tone and get your body back in sync with all parts. Once your body energy is regulated your body begins to naturally generate the required hormones and your mood, sleep, energy, and well-being all improve.

The human energy field is an aura of etheric energy that surrounds and overlays our physical selves and interacts with our mind body and spirit.

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