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Cells Rejuvenation Device

CellsGen is a non-invasive therapy which involves placing electrodes on a different part of the body such as the brain, heart, fingers, and feet to scan the body and detects the vibration frequency of those parts. It then adjusts the frequency of specific parts by increasing or decreasing vibration using the device. The electrodes are connected to a CellsGen machine which checks the energy wavelengths coming from the body and restores optimum balance.

CellsGen can detect alpha, beta or gamma waves from the brain, and carrying out treatment based on that. As body scanned by the device and dis-functioning or imbalanced parts are identified, specific energy pulse injected to the body by predesigned tone. This regenerates the cells tissues in this area and cells become healthy and vibrant resulting in a younger and rejuvenated body.

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The Science Behind CellsGen Device

CellsGen uses smart detective chip inside the handle of the digital device that can be connected to the different parts of the body to send and receive vibration signals. A certain frequency can be generated through the device and tap into the energy field working directly with our nervous and body cells system. It records the energy vibration level at the specific part that is connected to the device. It adjusts the level of vibration to its natural and healthy level. When the energy flow vibrates at a specific frequency, the body cells start to regenerate and heal themselves. The CellsGen device stimulates the flow of energy, balance and readjusts the level of frequency in the body cells, resulting in a healthy, youthful and poised body.

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