Circular Economy In Fashion

New generations demand for sustainable products and a transparent and visible value chain: from factory to shop is already happening. Sustainability goes beyond fashion and circulate other industries such as the Beverages and the Food Industry. There is a real concern over authenticity and provenance.

JK Billow Story

It's a fashion love story ...

JK Billow is for people who created it - and their passion for what they do.

Our Vision

Reduce fashion’s impact on environment through designing a mass produced fashion item of necessity that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Product provides design solution to user needs.

Materials Research & Consideration:

We use echo-friendly materials such as Kapok and Jute to produce our main product that is mum's pillow cases that can be convert to baby's bag after it lost it's softness. The advantage of using Kapok is that it's light & soft, it said to be flameable. The Jute on the other hand is breathable & affordable but it's rough compare to Kapok. We use a combination of Kapok and Jute to provide a soft touch, affordable, durable and breathable.

Our Product

We came up with the solution of creating pillows for adults, mothers particularly that provide elegance, comfort and durability with very affordable prices. Our pillows then can be converted to baby's bags to circulate the material back to a good use again.

Our Impact

To build economy, natural and social capital

  • Social network and public projects

  • Social trust, honesty and reliability

  • Moral standards and human values

  • Networks, bonding bridging

  • Feelings of trust and safety

  • Reciprocity

  • Participation

  • Citizen power

  • Values/norms/outlook of life

  • Diversity

  • Sense of belonging

Meet The Hack4 Team

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