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Founded in 2016, virtual engineering tech (VET) is made up of a local team of professional engineers and designers in Australia. It carries out its activities from a professional and independent standpoint, with a strong commitment to innovation, sustainable development and love & respect for nature.


VET designs holograms and digital technology to preserve natural resources such as steel, plastic and other related materials used in road signages and outdoor advertising. VET switches to virtualization by producing a virtual generated device (VETech virtual generated device).


The VETech virtual generated device can effectively eliminate/reduce the physical materials used in outdoor advertising & road signages and save on operational cost resulting from usage of physical material such as mining, manufacturing of raw materials, transportation, storage, etc.


Our mind goes where the problem is, we dug deep into the current issues that are major concerns of our society such as depleting our precious resources due to heavy usage of them in some industrial applications such as outdoor advertising and road signage.

Virtual and digital technology have come crashing into our current industry in the last few years, becoming a disruptive force in many large and small industries. VET is a transformative company created to magnify the creative power of digital devices to decrease the need for physical products by introducing a revolutionary virtual generated device (VETech Be virtual) that can provide the same vital information by eliminating/reducing physical materials. VETech Be virtual device not only preserves natural resources but also saves millions of dollars of the cost of operation.

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