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VET was founded  in 2016, virtual engineering tech (VET) is made up of a local team of professional engineers and designers in Australia. It carries out its activities from a professional and independent standpoint, with a strong commitment to innovation, sustainable development and love & respect for nature.


Virtual Engineering Tech  designs holograms and digital technology to preserve natural resources such as steel, plastic and other related materials used in road signage and outdoor advertising. VET switches to virtualization by producing a virtual generator device (VTech B virtual).


‘VTech B virtual’ can effectively eliminate/reduce the physical materials used in outdoor advertising & road signage and save on operational cost resulting from usage of physical material such as mining, manufacturing of raw materials, transportation, storage, etc.

‘VTech B Virtual’ virtual generator system® VET represents the next step in the evolution of holographic and virtual road signage and outdoor advertising system.

This cutting-edge virtual generator device developed by our world class engineers and designers to preserve natural resources such as steel, plastic and other related materials used for outdoor advertising and road signage.

‘VTech B Virtual’ can generate virtual images of a physical model used for signage without using extensive amount of natural resources.

Using our method can preserve our resources in the areas that using physical materials are not essential, so they can be used for other areas of our life such as bio-medical advances, robotic communication system, etc. that require implementation of physical materials.

Vtech, virtual generator device
Vtech, virtual generator device, the world's most advanced virtual generator device!
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