Learning or Unlearning?

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October 15, 2020
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Learning or Unlearning?

Why after setting up our goals the first thing that hits us is fear?

After years of reading many books, watching the so-called life coaches and gurus videos, attending their seminars and following their methods to improve my life, I ended up in a broken ship.

I moved from being a materials engineer and researcher in one of the most prestigious universities in the world to hitting the rock bottom.

All started when I watched one of these guru’s videos who tells people their life is not good enough and if they are in a comfort zone they’ll be disintegrating. Comfort zone is a dangerous place to be, step out and take a risk.

They tell you to watch their videos, listen to their audios and read their materials over and over again. They tell you to set up goals. They strongly suggest people to remember when they set up their goals one thing is certain and that is they’ll face challenges and more importantly fear, but don’t worry it’s just part of the journey (they remark).

So, you expect fear and overwhelming challenges as soon as you’re setting up the goals. And because you expect that you’re sure going to get it.

So, now your mind is conditioned by reviewing their materials over and over as they said and the fear that was the result of setting up the goals. Now that you are in this vulnerable state they reach out to you and attempt to sell their courses to help you out of misery.

Going through all poor mental and financial results due to their manipulated methods and advice I developed self-doubts and produced poorer results by continuing their ways.

Devastated and tired of all these BS programs that not only didn’t help me but screwed me up for all this time I read a quote from Rumi, it reads “never lose hope my dear Heart, miracles dwell in unseen”. This was an awakening call for me, there is a beautiful and powerful source of love and happiness that is unseen.

I know what I need to do is to let love and joy guide me to the real truth. A journey not to expect fear and anxiety, but to expect love, happiness and prosperity, a journey that illuminates within and everything around.


God Bless!



May johnston
May johnston
PhD in engineering, Entrepreneur and inventor.


  1. Joe says:

    Thanks for sharing May. It’s such an eye opening and inspiring story. I can relate myself to it as I went through very similar experience. God Bless,

  2. May johnston says:

    Hi Joe. I’m glad you like the story and it resonates with you. Best wishes,

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