What is new on coronavirus treatment?

May 20, 2020
July 23, 2020
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What is new on coronavirus treatment?



8000 Years Old Traditional Medicine Now to Beat Coronavirus in Iran

Iranian Herbal medicine uses plants and herbs that have been given to us by nature. Herbal medicine has been used by many ancient civilisations such as Persians to fight the most dangerous and infectious diseases such as cholera, black-death, etc that claimed millions of lives.

Professor Khairandish is known as the ‘Father of Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM), who

treated many diseases that medical science has been unable to treat by harnessing

Iranian Herbal medicine. Professor Khairandish highlights the reasons for

the coronavirus pandemic as:

  • Distance from nature
  • The lack of sun exposure
  • Cooling and heating systems and
  • Unhealthy eating habits


Herbal treatments/recommendation

People who have entered the fever stage should also consume honey and black seed (Nigella)  to control their fever. For full recommendation please click here.


Coronavirus cases overview- worldwide vs Iran

Iran confirmed cases 223k , Recovered 183K Deaths 10,508

That is 78% recovered and 4.4% death.

Worldwide Confirmed 10.1M +180K Recovered 5.12M Deaths 501K

That is 46% recovered and 4.96% death.




Iran is developing COVID-19 Herbal Medicine!

Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM) aims to treat the current Coronavirus as they’ve treated many illnesses in the past. Four Iranian companies have launched endeavours to make herbal medicine for the treatment of the coronavirus that has killed over 500k people worldwide.


Booster Potion

Mix 3 ts of coriander seeds. hollyhocks flower with 6 ts of chamomile flower and half crush them using a blender. Add some honey to the mixture.

*For the method and preparation click here:

Here is another impressive method of testing, designed by Iranian practitioners to test online, stress free. Here is an online self-assessment coronavirus test for those who are worried they may have contracted the virus. By taking this test, you can assess your symptoms, and be guided as to what steps to take next.

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May johnston
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