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July 22, 2020
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An intensive research to highlight some of the current problems in the world in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and how the powerful treatment of traditional herbal medicine, particularly Iranian traditional medicine (ITM) may have a role to play in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

The World Health Organisation and medical experts from all over the world consider the only way to fight and prevent the Coronavirus is regular hand washing and home quarantine. Meanwhile, the world’s medical science has no practical solution to offer against this new virus, which over the past centuries traditional Iranian treatment has been able to treat more infectious and dangerous diseases such as cholera.

‘Iranian Traditional Medicine dates back more than 3,000 years and has been used since ancient times. Persian polymath Avicenna’s ‘Book of Healing’ and the ‘Canon of Medicine’ are the most authoritative sources in this field.’’


Benefits of herbal medicine of health and well-being

Professor Khairandish known as the ‘Father of Iranian Traditional Medicine. He treated the diseases that medical science has been unable to treat with analysis and unique ways of treating them. His current success in treating the corona patients saved countless lives. He trained many students in traditional medicine who are currently developing this medicine.

He highlights the reasons for the current epidemic, the treatment, and the protection against this virus.


Distance from nature

The benefits of nature on health and well-being

Today, people have distanced themselves from nature and use cold and heat mechnisum during the seasons, for example, most people use hot heaters in winter and gas coolers in summer, which has severely weakened their lungs.


The lack of sun exposure

Health benefits of sun exposure

The next point in our attention is to the disruptions that govern the natural system that we do not take advantage of. The sun can erase all infections, but we are unaware of this God-given blessing. In the summer, we are not exposed to direct sunlight, and our architecture and houses are designed in such a way that they are not sunny at all and there is no air circulation in them. The architecture of our homes is the basis for the growth and development of the virus.


Cooling and heating systems

AC effects on the general health

Effect of the cooling and heating systems on our lungs and immune systems.

Using the cooling and heating systems are weakening our lungs and immune systems. Weakness in the lungs and consequently weakening of the heart, digestive system, etc., causes easy entry and persistence of the weakest viruses into the lungs, and pulmonary disorders are the result of this event and will then affect blood circulation in the arteries and reduce heart function.


Unhealthy eating habits

Unhealthy eating habits and infectious diseases

Unhealthy eating habits such as fast food, alcoholic drinks, pork products, fried food, pasta, pizza, canned food, fizzy drink, doughnuts, and fried food, weaken immunity.

Consumption of unhealthy and acidic foods such as fast food, alcoholic drinks, pork products, fried food, pasta, pizza, fish, beef, seafood, industrial sauce, canned food, fizzy drink, ice cream, doughnuts, fried food, yogurt, milk, butter and cheese make the body more vulnerable to diseases such as the cronavirus.



Boosting immunity using Traditional Medicine

Traditional medicine boosts our immunity and defences to fight against viral infection

Traditional medicine boosts our immunity and defences to fight the coronavirus early while we are waiting for vaccines and other alternative treatments.



Sumac Powder

Benefits of Sumac powder to heal viral infections

‘Sumac’ is from berry’s family with a sour and delicious taste used in Persia and Turkey as a food flavouring and also the treatment of many illnesses with amazing properties of antiseptic, pneumonia, cold treatment, influenza and the treatment of many diseases, including the anti-viral nature of this plant. It boosts the immune system and protects the body against viruses.

I have compared it and to some extent, I can be sure of the medicinal effect of this substance on the current coronvirus disease and safe approach as it is not based on harmful drugs, just high beneficial plant.


Harnessing ITM to Beat Coronavirus!


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May johnston
May johnston
PhD in engineering, Entrepreneur and inventor.


  1. Mary says:

    Great article by Professor Khairandish that is highlighting the reasons for current epidemic and how to boost immunity to deal with this outbreak and any other diseases.

    • May johnston says:

      Hi Mary,. Yes, this is an amazing article with most aspects of it taken from teaching of Professor Khairandish also known as the father of Traditional Iranian Medicine. He has over 30 years experince and treated over 100,000 successful treatments.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi May, is there any videos from Professor Khairandish to watch? Thanks,

  3. May johnston says:

    Hi Paul, you can watch a short video here:

  4. Paul says:

    Awesome, thank you.

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