Eye of Providence

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May 1, 2019
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Eye of Providence

Is our privacy respected? Where all data collected from us in social networking, in the job’s applications, in the banks, etc will go? Why our data is collected and for what purposes our data are used?

Who’s behind the large corporation and What is the eye who’s watching us?

False Ailian Gods!!

”Every Entity is bound to a Universal Truth of the Law of Cause and Effect. Every Entity, human or nonhuman is responsible for its use of Life Force and is accountable for the direction it places upon its own Consciousness Power. At the end of this evolution cycle, many Entities are being held accountable, not in judgment but in the energetic physics governing the Natural Laws of Balance.”

”Being artificial realities, the bent light forms eventually die and become calcified with frozen dead light, further damaging and destroying original “living light” creational fields. The more damage created the more distorted and disconnected from the God Source we became. This Dead Light created problems in the time fields as more and more entities were becoming mentally diseased or dead light (soul-less and fallen) entities.

More bent artificial light matrices and “frequency Static NETs” were designed to move dead fields (Phantom Matrix) to the backs of humans to carry the weight of the “energetic trash”. Humans were recycled in reincarnation cycles with their memories erased for the NAA use and the Human Soul became burdened with the enslavement of massive karmic superimposition loaded into this density by various Entities.”

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