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The Future of Business Development Starts Today

We have not been forced to reckon with our wastefulness in any sort of a real way, but given the rate at which we are using up all our natural resources, that day is not far away. At the same time, there are very few alternatives to these resources. If we want to avoid catastrophe in the future, then we need to get creative.

As the world population continues to grow at a high rate, our natural resources (unfortunately) do not. Population growth; more cities, more roads, more educational institutions. Natural resources are central to the way of our lives to build our future. With population growth we need to build cities; but we need a way of innovation, not only for our own lives but also for the planet.

Our world is going through a shift. Holograms and digital technology open up new opportunities to enhance life’s quality and free us from dependency to natural resources that are limited, expensive and meant to deplete.

That is what our project is really about: creative solutions. After years of meticulous research and analysis, we at VET have come up with a viable method for preserving our physical resources. Moving away from an over-reliance on physical resources, we are working to introduce virtual products in order to make a higher level of efficiency possible.

Virtual engineering tech (VET) is a tech startup specializing in hologram/virtual technology; aiming to minimize or eliminate the use of natural resources related to road signage (such as steel and plastic) and free us from dependency to physical materials that are limited, expensive and meant to deplete.

VET is a pioneer in producing and implementing holographic and digital signage on the roads. Our engineers today create spectacular virtual and holographic products that decrease or replace the use of physical products that are used to produced signage such as steel and plastic.

VET aim’s to switch to Virtualization

  • Reduce the cost of production
  • Minimize the downtime
  • Speed up installations, and reduce other associated costs such as transportation, storage, laboring, etc.

In addition, VET helps companies by

  • Designing and implementing engineering projects
  • Providing the latest technologies that allow businesses to run with fewer resources and
  • Free consultation

VET is about creative solutions. We identified the current major problems and provide our unique and creative solution:


1. Depleting Natural Resources used for signage such as plastic and steel through mining

“WE HAVE Only 100 Years Left on Earth” – Stephen Hawking

2. Increased pollution through the mining of these Resources such as:

  • Acid Rock Drainage (ARD)
  • Emission of Air Pollutants
  • Contamination of Ground and Surface Water

3. High operational cost using these Resources such as:

  • Raw materials cost, transportation, storage, design, testing, upgrading, the ongoing cost of maintenance, etc.


Our digital system is fully concentrated on the road signage that is taking up a large number of physical resources. VET produces digital signage that reduces or eliminates the use of natural resources used for signage such as steel and plastic. Our virtual products

  • Preserve natural resources used for signage such as steel and plastic
  • Create new and exciting virtual products, in-line with technology growth
  • Save on operational cost and

As technology becomes more ubiquitous, VET is ready to lead the way. We are providing a system of constant support for building the future. Long-term we will be saving millions of dollars that would be otherwise wasted on physical materials, minimizing the cost of operations, reducing downtime, and improving the installation process for businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere.​

The Impact

Our innovative products/services demonstrate a potential to benefit the overall development of the economy by saving millions/billions of dollars on operational cost while preserving natural resources and reducing the water, air and soil contamination resulted from mining natural resources.

Our core philosophy is serving people by providing the best solution possible and we thrive to achieve that.

Our products

Industrial version

The virtual/digital warning and advertisement messages used in industrial projects.

PRP: $198,000

Pre-order: $36,000

Virtual Creation Device | Virtual Engineering Tech Virtual Creation Industrial Device | Virtual Engineering Tech

Medium Size

Used by medium-sized companies and enterprises for the purpose of virtual advertising, training workshops, and courses.

PRP: $129,000

Pre-order: $66,000


Virtual Creation Medium Device | Virtual Engineering Tech

Medium Virtual Creation Device | Virtual Engineering Tech

Small / Portable

Used by small businesses, uni projects, school projects, advertising, etc.

PRP: $78,000

Pre-order: $36,000

Virtual Creation Small Portable Device | Virtual Engineering Tech

Virtual Creation Portable Device | Virtual Engineering Tech

Virtual Creation Small Device | Virtual Engineering Tech

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