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Cow or Human?

cow or human story | Virtual Engineering Tech

Cow or Human is a sweet story. At a school in Iran, the teacher asked the 10-year-old students to write about the subject, ‘Cow or Human?’ One of the students was rewarded for his work, earning the national education award. In his letter he wrote:

‘Greetings and a special thank you to my dear teacher, school coaches, and principles who work hard to educate us. If it wasn’t for them, it’s hard to tell where we would have been today. I took my pen in my hand and started writing. Of course, it’s clear if we look around us, we can see the benefits of being a cow. I thought about this for a while and concluded that the greatest benefit of being a cow is that she is not a human, but she’s a cow.

Although the conclusion usually comes at the end of an article, let’s think for a moment and imagine that we are cows. Think about how being a cow is beneficial. For instance, when a cow (bull) is the father of the house and wants to send his daughter to the husband’s house, he is not worried about her welfare. No cow is worried about paying her rent. Cows are too inelegant and don’t waste the best years of their lives waiting to get into higher education institutions. Cows are very useful and are not a parasite on society. You have never seen a drug-addicted cow. Have you seen a cow that stalks and harasses your loved ones? Have you seen an unemployed cow? Have you seen a cow that stabs the back of another cow in front of others? Have you seen a cow beat up his wife?

No cow is arrogant, takes bribes, lies, embezzles, dishonors others, is disloyal, breaks the hearts of others, or eats to the neck while the cows next door can’t feed their calves. No cows kill other cows. Cows have many benefits. Our clothes are made of their wool, and our food, such as cheese, butter, milk, cream, and meat come from cows.

But, in my opinion, the most advantage of being a cow is that she is not a human, but she’s a cow. The end.

Cow or Human – What is the message?

In a society that compares an animal to a human being, in a society where children see humanity as above an animal’s, in a society that rewards children for hatred and resentment of the race that they are part of, the society that once ruled the world and was the center of civilization rewards people for their ignorance and self-doubt.

How many of us still believe the human’s incredible intelligence is above the level of an animal’s instincts? We can’t teach our children what we don’t believe. We can’t teach them how to be an incredible, loving human being when we don’t know how to be one. If we only see the ugliness in the world, we don’t know how to see the love and beauty all around us. Are we worthy role models for our children? Are we sharing a world of love, joy, and happiness with them?

Here in VET, we believe we are the creators of the World and Masters of our Fate because we have the ability to control our thoughts.


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May johnston
May johnston
PhD in engineering, Entrepreneur and inventor.

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