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The Future of Virtual Reality in Your living room;

Smart Reality in Your Room | Virtual Engineering Tech

We live in a modern age, the age of science. The new modern way of everyday living is the reflection of it. It is a blessing and new era for mankind to witness the wonders of science that brings about technology all around us. The technology that has made our life easy and comfortable.

Will your all-in-future high-tech entertainment devices look like your living room in the future, in 2020?

Already we look at the big screen television in the flat panel and the new Xbox 360 is very incredible to see. Then there’s a device for the perfect sound with little tiny electronic gadgets like iPod and there are little earbuds around.

Is it possible that in the future they will add the of Holvik projection to these devices? Setting a literal virtual reality in your own living room.

So, the virtual reality in your living room could say the future may appear more real-life than the real world and is probably even more exciting, challenging, entertaining and fun as well.


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May johnston
May johnston
PhD in engineering, Entrepreneur and inventor.

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  1. Mary says:

    A great article. The Future of Virtual Reality in Your living room;

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