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  • - Use 3D printing & design experts for product development that is fast, economical and accurate. Ideal for municipal, commercial and entertainment. 
  • - Creating hologram's presentation to excite your audience. Ideal for conferences, expos, concerts and entertainment  
  •  - Courses and workshops to help you become an expert 3D printer or designer. Choose from
  • 1.  One Day Intensive Workshop – one day, $700
  • 2. Two days Intensive Workshop – two six hour days, $1,400
  • 3.  Three days Intensive Workshop – three six hour days, $2,200
  • 3. Four days Intensive Workshop – four six hour days – $2,900
  • 4. One Week Intensive Workshop – five six hour days, $3,700
  • 5. School holiday program - Three days course for over 12 years old, $1,950

Make a single beam reflection hologram of your own. Learn how to make major types of holograms with lectures and diagrams. Each day we get to cover several types of holograms based on our students interest.  

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VET is a multi-discipline engineering firm, and we can deliver elegant and efficient engineering solutions to industrial, commercial and municipal sectors. We are reconstructing spherical harmonics aimed to achieve a complete and realistic 3D sound reconstruction of the virtual environment. We are always focused on creating custom front-end and back-end architectures that allow for flexibility of operation, analytics gathering, and content customization.

Current Projects

  • - Hologram projects - changing the way we look at signs
  • - 3D sound reconstruction - reconstruction spherical harmonics
  • - Futuristic, realistic and practical real-world solutions for preserving the physical resources by replacement or lessen the need for costly and scarce physical products in many industrial projects.

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Our Projects

Our ideas are still in research stage but hoping to move to productions by the end of this year. Having few years of experience in engineering & design, and partnering with a team of engineers, designers, and PR, we are looking forward to a big success.

About Us

Virtual Engineering.Tech is a multi-discipline engineering firm, we can deliver elegant and efficient engineering solutions to industrial, commercial and municipal sectors. We aim to achieve a realistic 3D sound reconstruction of the virtual environment visualization.

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Contact us to see what we can do for you. We can help you by providing new virtual products, designing and implementing engineering projects, giving you free professional advice, or join us as a talented virtual engineer designer, a sponsor or an investor.


Virtual Engineering Tech, VET designs and engineers the best products and services in virtualization that is right for the clients need. Our team members are professionals in the field and provide the best experience to our clients. In VET, we do our best to bring the best products to life based on our knowledge as well as experience in visual technology.

Multi-Disciplinary team

VET is a company of multi-disciplinary team that uses several approaches in design to manage virtualization. We are engineers and designers who apply their learning and experience in the field of VE that is vital for the IT solution to match our client’s needs. VET is expanding in the industry so we expect to apply more discipline to our services.

Quality services

VET’s way of thanking the clients for their trust in the company pushes us to work even harder to provide the best services possible. Our entire philosophy comes from the great mind of the team efforts and love for serving our clients. We think critically and do a lot of testing to produce the best virtualization products.


VET is one of the leading services providers in the industry. We differ from other services in regards to affordability without comprising the quality in every service that we provide for our clients. We are upfront with our clients and don’t have any small prints or hidden charges. Our clients only pay for the products and services that they received. There are no other companies to offer this kind of affordability and trust with the services.

Professional team

Virtual Engineering Tech team gains a name in the industry of virtualization. The founder of the company has the higher degree in education and has many years of experience in the engineering field and is able to create and develop the best virtualization solution. Our team is working effectively under the company founder's leadership to design and develop the most efficient industrial projects that can be utilized to solve the global crises of depleting physical resources due to over usage of the resources.

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